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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Discovery Time

Today we did a new thing called "Discovery Time" And a lot of us were very curious so we started and I found it really fun because there was not just two or one things to play with there were loads,and I just think there were so many activities but depending on their personality they would like different things. I think it was an amazing thing to set up I bet it took a load of time but to Elly and Troy and Nic and everyone that helped with this they made it a fun day not just for them but for us my favorite activity was probably the circus gear because I like the name it was really creative and the things were not just ordinary things they were things that kid's would enjoy personally and not just for one kid and they didn't want just 90 kids to go for one activity they wanted them to spread out enjoy themselves and just test them out try their hardest and maybe make new friends in the time that they spent because they knew they liked the same thing and that would be cool.

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