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Monday, 9 May 2016

Seed to table

Today at seed to table we did some gardening and cooking, at gardening we planned what we are gonna do differently with planting seeds (etc.) Getting some seeds and drawing some plant pots and then we have a difference in ech plant pot. Also known as maybe getting no dirt for one and then they each have a different amount of soil in them. And at cooking we have done many things like cleaning,mashing,peeling,mixing,setting up tables all that sort of stuff. And then finally we had to get some beautiful flowers and put them in the vases. Our deserts were fiejoga muffins and pin rolls. For the lunch meal we have pumpkin soup. It was really fun :) thankyou to all the Teachers/Mothers who helped :D  

Image here is a picture of one of the most beautifulest tables.

Evaluation: I think I did well at, mashing the feijoa  mash and I think I could have done better peeling the feijoas.

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  1. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed S2T Charlotte! What have you learnt from S2T that you can use at home?