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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Seed to table inquiry

Description: This term we have been going to seed to table sessions where we either cooked or did gardening. And we did gardening so we had to make a slides about it and we had to take pictures  of our plants we planted. The thing we changed was no dirt and different amounts of soil for each little pot.

FeedBack/FeedForward: I think you did well at managing your time and took care of your plants so they would grow.  Next time I think that you guys could try and work more as team.

Evaluation: In seed to table it was easy to have a route of watering plants everyday.
But it was hard to collect all my group members for the facility.Next time I think I should put less water.

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  1. Oh that's a shame that nothing grew! What would you differently if you were to do this again?