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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Description : In maths we have been working one mixels problem I made lots of number lines to help me work out the answers. Hannah and Phoebe helped me work out the problem and making the number lines.

Evaluation: I was really good at halving the numbers and making sure that the numbers went in the right place on the number line. Next time I could try different strategies to work out the answer.

Big idea: I learnt that maths doesn't just take like five minutes to figure out it can take longer according to how hard it is.

FeedBack/FeedForward: For feedback I like how you have showed how you worked it out. 
For FeedForward, maybe next time think of another strategy and a quicker one. Emma M 

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  1. You are so right Charlotte - there are different sorts of maths problems - some are quick and some take a whole lot longer to solve! These tricky problems are so worthwhile though aren't they?