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Monday, 2 May 2016

Buddy Art

Description: Every Tuesday we started working on our buddy art that you see today the Sarah platt art I think it is amazing that we all worked together using the amazing pictures. So we each got a small picture of what we had to draw and we had to try and make it the exact same so it looked just as awesome and it connected. So first we had to start with a draft to start us off and know what we are gonna do and what it looks Like. Me and my little buddy Emily she is 7 by the way.  To make our amazing picture We used vivid, colouring pencils and paint. Here Is the buddy art =P


Evaluation: It was easy to know what paint we were gonna use and being able to paint it trying to make it like the original. It was hard to make it fast because I don't want to be rushed just really trying to make it like the original when you are being rushed 

Feedback/FeedForward: I liked how you wanted to make it original. I wonder if this art is original? I liked how you were thinking of different techniques with your brush to make it look a bit different.
From Abigail Y

This is my buddy art.

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  1. This was a huge success Charlotte! What a lot of hard work, but it sure paid off!