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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Star test results

Today we got our Star test scores. I got 44/50 I also am stainine 8. What a stainine is It is like your score. So there is a stainine 123 and then there is an average area. And the 7,8,9 I got a stainine 8 I got above the average area. This star test was for reading.  Next I need to work on paragraph comprehension I only got 15/20 On that one. On my world recognition I got 10/10 And then on my sentence comprehension. And 9/10 On my vocabulary. In all results I think I did pretty well I tried my best.

FeedBack/FeedFoward: I agree with you on that Charlotte, you would need to work on paragraph comprehension if you got 15/20. You did a really good job at getting stanine 8 in the Star Test.

Evaluation: It was fun to try out the star test and see what  I needed to work on. It was hard to think of things under pressure.

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