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Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word 2016 portfolio post

Description: This week we have been making our one word art. We were trying to make creative art out of our one word. We each got to pick a word that we focus on for 2016.  My one word is independent. I chose to be independent because I think I need to be brave and do things on my own. I had to get a piece of paper then start drawing out the lines of the outside. And and then I started to draw the words out and then start making patterns in them. Then I coloured it in. I started planning what I was gonna do with the words. I put all different colours in to making it. I put all kind of decorations to make the word colourful and awesome. It just came out of my mind and if you do all that stuff then BAM you have got your one word decoration! 

Feedback/Feedfoward : I like the colours on your one word . I think next time you should do more stick figures on your art. Charlotte H

Evaluation: it was easy to colour in my words and make the words. It was hard to find out what I wanted to do for the words. So far I have tried to be independent. It is sometimes hard when people distract me. But I try to stay focused on what I am doing. 

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  1. Your art looks amazing Charlotte! Love it! I love too that your word is 'independent.' I think that is a great goal for you to have this year. Keep striving for this in everything you do.