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Sunday, 28 February 2016

3 Ways how people listen

 today we did what kinds of listening there is, there is active listening me listening or not listening can you guess which one is good of course the active listening we have shown you. How they do this stuff I bet times in your life you've atleast done me or not listening you may not notice it. Thanks for watching!  

Big idea: this post is about listening different kinds of listening. In 3 different listening ways. It explains what they look like. Busy listening is when they are doing something different being distracted and no eye contact and it means your not listening. Active listening is when you've got eye contact and your listening not doing anything and you can ask a few question about it. Me too listening is when your listening but you start talking about what you did instead of them saying what they did basically cutting in when they're talking. It will explain in the video what these look like.

Feedback/Feedfoward I love your video and where it is set. I think that everyone should have been in the video 😊 - Charlotte H
Evaluation: It was tricky for all of us working as a team at first and deciding what we wanted to do because we wanted different things. It was easy to work as a team in the videos.


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  1. You have created a great little movie showcasing 3 different types of listening! Well done! I feel bad, because we put a time limit that said it could only be 30 seconds! You really needed a bit of extra time didn't you? Sorry about that. What sort of a listener are you? How could you get better at listening?