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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Athletics writing

Athletes dream I am presenting russell st school now this is going on live youtube so hello renae and hello nic well how has it been? Nic: hmm going pretty well eh? Renae: Yeah goooo CHARLOTTE !! hey look at abby she is going pretty well! and HEY RENAE YOUR UP Renae:IMMMM READDDYYYYYYYYY Charlotte: WOAH THAT IS BREATH TAKING OH MY GOOSE go renae! Presenter:Well it time for high jump THINK AS A RABBIT LADIES AND GENTLE MEN we have renae jumping like a kangaroo here ohh she by the slightest bit she didn’t make it is ok now seems like now its time for long jump wooh go charlotte Renae: she didn’t make it :D LOL Presenter: hmmm seems good for now Charlotte: NEED TO BREATH HEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE NEED TO BREATH ugh wooh ok Presenter: MORE RUNNING TIME GET READY ON YOUR MARKS GET SET GOOSE ok on your marks get set go

Shot Put
now those are the only ones left now what do you need to come first and compete it so you need to concentrate and same  for shot put and sorry did we forget you hurtles oh well you need good jumping skills and good timing ok lets see those rabbits jump Charlotte and renae are going up against each other oooh Charlotte takes the lead for her house go renae oooh kia has the  advantage the other houses need to work hard to steal the win but we dont know yet I will be back on 3 news but there is  twist its on youtube ok bye Charlotte: wooh that was a run alright and a big jump that practice really helped woah ok uhh time again to run Renae: woa good job charlotte Charlotte: thanks good job to you tooo uhh so tired Renae: LOL kay you go rest while I win !  charlotte:NOPE IM GOING CYA YO Renae:its not even starting yet … Charlotte: did anyone know that I wasnt suposed to run Renae: um no.. Charlotte: RENAE GET BACK HERE NO RUNNING FROM ME Renae: YOU CANT CATCH ME NAE NAE NAE NAE Presenter: WE ARE BACK LIVE ON YOUTUBE 3 NEWS COME ON DOWN KIDS the race is starting girls stop nae naeing TIME FOR DISCIS Charlotte: fine ugh eek ok ready Preseneter: NA NA NA NA NA NAN NANNANANANANANANAN NA NA NA time for 3 news ehehheheheheheheh Im here with russell st school how you doing nic? nic: GOOOO wait wu? Presenter: uhh ok renae is doing well and Charlotte sorta but renae ok so this is athletics see you next year

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