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Monday, 26 October 2015


as I tiptoed into the womans office I lied on the chair biting my tounge. the lady picked and picked at my teeth she glazed at my teeth. till she noticed there was a huge problem! she picked her pointy tool up she hid it behind her 

 until I peaked and saw... something I wish I hadn't. I screamed to the top of my lungs. I rushed to my mum and whispered MUM she tried to poke a needle in my in my gum secretly! mum whispered what?? I held my mumas tight as I could. 

the lady turned around said charlotte... I might need to put a needle in your gum. so you don't feel anything when I give you the filling :O  next day: as I saw the reflection of my pink glasses in the light and the needle about to.... stick in my gum. I put my hand over my mouth the needle nearly went in my hand EEK!! I screached like a mouse I felt like I was being stabbed with a knife.

 I saw the point of the SHARP SHARP pointy  tool I riggled off the chair I SAID NO!! I dont want a needle pointing in my gum I paniced of 1 little needle going in my gum but then... I said to my self I haveto be brave and DO IT 

I lied back down she put its through my gum OUCH! I SCREACHED IT HURTS MUMMY then it was over I went and got some KFC!! this was a good day also a sorta bad day my mum said you did very well Charlotte :D 

THE END!!!!!!

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