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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Lunchbox learning experience troll :)

 Today whe had rm 7 come in to our class room and the teachers  said we had a early lunch we all go and get our lunchboxs took them out of our bags but some were gone! They told the teachers my friend Emma   Went away to look for her lunch box because dun dun dun... Her lunch box was gone too! And I was supcious I thought this was a bit like the chocolate completion F A K E I was looking for emma and then she. Came back in she was about to go to the office she was very upset then I told her the about the lunch box nappers she was thrilled that they did that  it was scary to exeperience being like a wild animal with no food I liked that they trick us again but it was for learning T R I C K  so today I learnt again with no food I would cry I might not survive so if I had no food you would know what I'd be doing  they stoll Emma's lunchbox Alex's lunch box masons Jayden's that's all I know but today was a trickful  day again hmm I wonder what you would do ? Or maybe I could get back at him mwhahaha so maybe you could take your lunchbox away and see how you act remember a part of learning 
Here is my lunch box 

My lunch box is not there

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  1. I like how you did a trick and that Emma's lunchbox was gone.Your story was
    really good that I don't need to give you any feedforward.